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Over the last couple of years, we have been writing music and recording at various Bay Area studios including Laughing Tiger, Skywalker Sound as well as SugarHill Studios in Houston, Texas and of course, our own Passion Star Studio.  This fall, we add to our musical journey with Ray's new project, The Poetry of Motion.  We look forward to sharing more details with you soon!

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Listen to Lisa Star's Bare Essentials!

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Listen to Ray Cooper's Tabernacle!

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Listen to Akeru Beginnings!

We look forward to sharing more releases with you soon!

BARE ESSENTIALS by Lisa Star featuring Charles Davis CD Is available now on Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify and more.

Lisa enjoyed her time at SugarHill Studios in Houston, TX as well as Laughing Tiger Studios in San Rafael, CA recording her Bare Essentials project with Houston guitarist, Charles Davis.  Click Here for a sneak peek behind the scenes at SugarHills.

We are thrilled to announce the first of the Akeru project releases, Akeru Beginnings, by Lisa Star and Ray Cooper.  This EP is the labor of love with help from many of our friends and family.  We will be posting video clips and more information soon on the recording of this material.

We hope that you'll take a listen using our convenient pop-out players.  Like what you hear?  

You can find our music at your favorite e-tailers:

Bare Essentials:  iTunes,, CD Baby

Akeru: iTunes,, CD Baby

Tabernacle: iTunes,, CD Baby

Upcoming Project

Stay tuned for Ray Cooper's The Poetry of Motion coming soon!

Shining Bright Live

Or see on youtube here

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Lisa Star: Bare Essentials (feat. Charles Davis)
Lisa Star: Akeru Beginnings
Ray Cooper: Tabernacle

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